About Bench

Bench is a four-year-old, design focused tech company that offers a combination of custom-built software and professional online bookkeepers to organize the financials of small businesses. The company employs 220 brilliant humans (and a few dogs) at its HQ in Vancouver, BC. Bench has raised $33 million in funding since its launch in 2012.

Founding Bench

Why the name, Bench?

The name Bench was appealing both for its metaphor and historic connection to finance. In renaissance Italy, where modern banking practices emerged, banking would be conducted in open air markets from the banca. Banca being italian for Bench, and the root word for Bank.

Life at Bench

We strive to support people in living their best lives. It’s a key concept behind both the services we provide and the way Benchmates work together. To this end, we put our collective thoughts to paper, and created two resources that truly reflect Bench-life, and the core values that guide us.