About Bench

We’re a laid back group of people working hard on a tough problem. Bookkeeping is a universal point of pain for entrepreneurs, and we’re changing that.

Bench Team

  • Emily Key, Director, Operations

    Emily Key

    Director, Operations

  • Ian Crosby, Co-Founder & CEO

    Ian Crosby

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Jordan Menashy, Co-Founder & VP, Marketing

    Jordan Menashy

    Co-Founder & VP, Marketing

  • Lindsay Rutledge, VP, Product & Strategy

    Lindsay Rutledge

    VP, Product & Strategy

  • Mike Daley, VP, Operations & Sales

    Mike Daley

    VP, Operations & Sales

  • Natalie Burgwin, Director, Communications

    Natalie Burgwin

    Director, Communications

  • Owen Mead-Robins, Director, Engineering

    Owen Mead-Robins

    Director, Engineering

  • Pavel Rodionov, Co-Founder & CTO

    Pavel Rodionov

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Sarah Blackmore, Director, People

    Sarah Blackmore

    Director, People

  • Scott Edison, VP, Business Development

    Scott Edison

    VP, Business Development

  • Trevor Orsztynowicz, VP, Engineering

    Trevor Orsztynowicz

    VP, Engineering

Our Story

Founded in 2012 as 10sheet Inc. by Ian Crosby, Jordan Menashy, Adam Saint, and Pavel Rodionov

Bench Culture

Accepted into the 2012 class of Techstars NYC

Bench Culture
Bench Culture

Relocated from New York to Vancouver, BC in the summer of 2013

Bench Culture
Bench Culture

Raised a $7 Million Series A in January 2015

Launched out of beta and opened to the public in July 2013 as Bench Inc.

Raised a $2 Million seed round in July 2013

Bench Culture
Bench Culture
Bench Culture

Raised $16 Million Series B in May 2016