Introducing real-time insights

Designed to give business owners a pulse check on their finances, whenever they need it

Business owners need financial information on their own timelines, so to help deliver faster reporting we’re introducing our biggest change in a decade: real-time insights. Real-time insights offer a completely new way to use Bench, giving you instant access to your financial insights and data*, complemented with an unmatched level of accuracy and unlimited support from our professional bookkeepers.

See your financials faster, in real-time

Get a snapshot view of all your money-in and money-out, whenever you need it, even before your books are closed.

Know where your input is needed

We've added new transactions tags so you can see what's been categorized and where we need your input. You’ll also receive notifications from your bookkeeper throughout the month.

Navigate through tax season faster

With connected accounts, you can avoid a last-minute rush. Your bookkeeper won't need to wait for missing statements to get started on closing your monthly books.

*Real-time data is only available for financial accounts that are actively connected to Bench using Plaid.

A more productive experience with Bench throughout the year

Automate the flow of information

We use Plaid, a safe and automated way to import your financial information, reducing the need to manually upload your statements.

Get a head start on tax season

With connected accounts, your bookkeeper won't need to wait for missing statements to get started on closing your books.

Updated financial data every time you log in

When your accounts are connected, transactions will instantly appear on your income statement, balance sheet and top expense breakdown.

See the big picture at the click of a button

View real-time data across all your financial accounts, so you know where you can spend and where you should save.

Take action where you’re needed

See what transactions have been categorized and where your bookkeeper needs your input with the addition of new transaction tags.

Real-time insights, backed by real humans

Unlimited support, five days a week. Our experienced team of bookkeepers will answer any of your questions within one business day.

Secure and powerful insights

Connect your accounts faster

We use Plaid, which lets you securely connect your financial accounts to Bench in seconds. This feature saves you the time and effort of manually uploading documents.

Feel secure about your financials

Both Bench and Plaid are SOC-2 compliant with security practices that meet or exceed industry standards.

"Logging into Bench now, I realize how much new data is appearing in the system while my bookkeeper is closing my monthly books. I love that I can get a real-time pulse check on all my business accounts and see how much cash I have available."


Real-time insights, backed by real human support