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If billed annually
$125/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
below $1k
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If billed annually
$145/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
from $1k to $7.5k
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If billed annually
$195/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
from $7.5k to $20k
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If billed annually
$255/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
from $20k to $60k
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If billed annually
$345/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
up to $1M

Every plan comes with a dedicated bookkeeping team to handle your monthly books, and intuitive software to track your financials.

Plans include monthly bookkeeping for up to 15 financial accounts (e.g. bank accounts, credit cards, loans, merchant processors). More than this may be custom priced.

Need help getting your taxes filed?

We can connect you with a certified tax expert. When your books are ready, they’ll file your taxes for as little as $180. Call us at 1 (888) 760 1940 to discuss the options.

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We never recommend our services if we’re not the best solution for your business. Try Bench risk-free before you sign up. We’ll do a month of your bookkeeping, and give you an income statement and balance sheet.

Custom pricing

If you own more than one business, you’ll receive a customized monthly or annual subscription.

Scalable plans

We review your plan annually to make sure we have you covered as your needs change.

Cancel any time

We never lock you in, even if you prepay annually. We also make it easy to get your data out of Bench.

Responsive support

Every plan includes a dedicated team of small business bookkeeping experts who work in-house.

Catch Up Bookkeeping

Behind on your books? Add any amount of Catch Up Bookkeeping to your annual or monthly plan.

Effortless data transfer

Bench syncs with most major banks and leading payment platforms to gather your financial data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bookkeeping services does Bench offer?

We provide cash basis bookkeeping services and use the double-entry system to record all transactions.

How is Bench different from other online bookkeeping software?

We designed our service to take the pain out of bookkeeping. You don’t just get access to the Bench app—bookkeeping software for small business owners that’s intuitive and delightful to use. You also get your own team of professional bookkeepers. Real people who do your bookkeeping every month, all at an affordable price.

How does Bench do my business bookkeeping?

Connect your merchant and bank accounts to Bench, and your bookkeeping team will automatically receive read-only versions of your bank statements and sales data without you having to lift a finger.

Your Bench team uses your data to categorize your transactions and deliver accurate financial statements each month.

You can view and download your financial statements from the Bench app on your desktop and mobile device.

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