Your personal bookkeeping team.

This Is Lara

She's been running her own Shopify store for three years, and she was doing her own bookkeeping for the first two.


Now she has her own Bench team to do it for her.


This is Lara's Bench team

They take care of her monthly bookkeeping so she doesn't have to worry about it.

She talks to her team whenever she needs them, but otherwise she doesn't even think about bookkeeping anymore.

Let's agree to never talk about Quickbooks again, alright?

Here's How It Works

Meet Your Team

If you have questions, concerns, or just want to know everything's going to be alright, you can get ahold of your team with a quick message. It's just like texting a friend. But this friend will never let you down on Friday night.

Hey guys, I just got an email from Shopify and apparently they updated their reports. Did you get that email?
Hey Lara! Yeah, we're all over it. We'll pull the new reports once they're out next month. Thanks for the heads up!

Stay Connected

Your team will tell you exactly what you should be keeping track of, and they'll help you get that data into Bench every month — whether you want to connect your accounts directly or just drag and drop into the app.

And if you ever forget to send something, they'll remind you! They've often been described as pleasantly persistent.

First Republic Bank

Track Your Progress

Every month, you get your income statement and balance sheet done for you. If you're not sure how to read financial statements, your team will happily walk you through them. If you just want to check them out on your own, they're in the cloud whenever you need them!

January 2016
Sales Revenue - Shopify$9,642.13
Sales Revenue - Etsy$6,337.49
Marketing Expense$8,401.30
Phone & Internet Expense$254.11
Travel & Transportation Expense$159.83