Start fresh with catch up bookkeeping

Fallen behind on your bookkeeping? Let our team get your books up-to-date, while you stay focused on your business.

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    The benefits of up-to-date books

    Here’s what you get

    Professional bookkeepers

    Bench bookkeepers can handle any amount of overdue bookkeeping. They work in-house at our headquarters—no bots, no outsourcing.

    Fast turnaround

    With our extensive experience helping clients get caught up, we’re able to complete a year’s worth of bookkeeping in 2-4 weeks.

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    Tax-ready financials

    Once complete, your financial statements will be ready for download—helpful for you and your CPA, especially come tax time.

    Simple visual reports

    Visual reports inside your Bench account give you an instant overview of your business’s financial health.

    Reports in the Bench app

    I was able to get a year's worth of bookkeeping done in a few short weeks.

    Andrea Williams
    Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual


    Any amount of catch up bookkeeping can be purchased in combination with a current Bench subscription. If you purchase a prepaid annual bookkeeping subscription, you will receive the discounted rate on all additional catch up services.

    Prices are displayed in $USD

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    • Micro

      Monthly expenses below $7.5k

      $115/m If Prepaid Annually

      Up to 5 accounts
      and add‑ons

    • Boutique

      Monthly expenses from $7.5k to $20k

      $165/m If Prepaid Annually

      Up to 7 accounts
      and add‑ons

    • Venture

      Monthly expenses from $20k to $60k

      $215/m If Prepaid Annually

      Up to 9 accounts
      and add‑ons

    • Corporate

      Monthly expenses up to $1M

      $295/m If Prepaid Annually

      Up to 20 accounts
      and add‑ons

    Ready to get started?

    We can give you a guaranteed timeline and price for your catch up bookkeeping.

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