Tax filing handled for you. From start-to-finish.

BenchTax connects you to a licensed Taxfyle expert, trained by Bench. It’s tax filing, every deduction you deserve, and your smoothest tax season yet—done for you, in one place.

What you get with BenchTax

A seamless tax season

Life is good with Bench on your books. Life is better with BenchTax handling your taxes. From start-to-finish, BenchTax gives your business an all-in-one filing solution.

Every detail, handled by us

BenchTax takes care of every detail. Prep? Deductions? Filing? No sweat—we keep everything organized for you, every step of the way.

An all star tax team

Every licensed Taxfyle expert is trained to understand your business. That means a totally aligned and super smart team ready to get you through tax season.

Your best return ever

An all star team means an all-time-great tax return. With your books in order and your Taxfyle expert in-the-know, you’ll get every deduction you deserve.

How BenchTax works

Send us the goods

When setting up your account, we’ll request a few documents from you. It takes just a few minutes, and ensures we have everything we need to handle tax time for you.

Leave the tax prep to us

Once you're all setup and tax time approaches, we’ll connect you to a certified Taxfyle expert. We’ll set up introductions, and they’ll get to work on your return.

Forget about filing stress

Once your return is good to go, we’ll reach out to you for the “all clear.” Then, we’ll file your taxes and pull funds directly from your account to pay any applicable taxes.

We're helping thousands of business owners

‘‘Ripping your hair out at tax time? All I have to say is that I'm so glad I used Bench Accounting last year for my e-commerce sites!
Gina Downey Owner, Online Academy
‘‘Bench handles everything so efficiently, I don't even think about the books! I can carry on with the more fun aspects of running my business.

Pricing designed to fit your needs

All BenchTax plans cover unlimited state filings, investments, rental income, itemized deductions, and quarterly estimates.

Sole Prop Filing

For filing personal returns and Schedule C. Starts from $50 per month.

Business Filing

For filing partnership, S-Corp and C-Corp returns. Starts from $75 per month.

Business/Personal Filing

For Schedule C, personal, and business returns. Starts from $110 per month.

Work with the expert tax team your business deserves

Book a call and learn how BenchTax can take filing stress off your plate for good. You'll get a complete run-down of how BenchTax works, a custom quote, and answers to any questions you have.