Partner with Bench. Grow your business.

Partnering with Bench uncovers a fresh network of opportunities. Let's work together to boost the value and reach of your business—all while growing your bottom line.

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Bench is North America’s number one bookkeeping service. All Bench clients get a dedicated team of real bookkeepers to do their books, and intuitive software to track their financials.

Featured partnerships

We’re already partnering with the world’s best to help small businesses work smarter.

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The Bench Partnership Program

When you partner with Bench, you’ll be helping us make life better for thousands of small business owners. The best part? You’ll get to watch your business grow in the process.

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Help more clients grow

Partner with Bench, and you’ll have a world-class online bookkeeping service on your side. We’ll even send a marketing kit so you can spread the word and grow your business.

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Make bookkeeping disappear

Your clients want their bookkeeping gone forever. You can help them. Bench connects your clients to professional bookkeepers who are really, really good at what they do.

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Keep growing

Watch your client roster grow—and your bottom line with it. Whether it’s connecting with new clients or referral bonuses rolling in (or both!), the future is bright when you partner with Bench.

Become a Bench partner

Just starting to pursue partnerships? Looking to do bigger things than ever? We’ll work with you to find a relationship that fits your business.

What our partners are saying

‘‘Being a partner of Bench has helped us help our community. We now have a tool that is worth sharing with our followers and it’s one we can really get behind.
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Jason Bacher Co-founder, GFDA
‘‘Bench has saved me so much time worrying about accounting, so it's my go-to recommendation for anyone with disorganized books.
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Chris Ronzio CEO, TRAINUAL

The Bench Affiliate Program

Every business develops differently, which is why we offer the Bench Affiliate Program. Designed to help motivated businesses grow, it provides mutual benefit to you and anyone you refer to Bench.

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How it works

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Get set up

We’ll work with you to establish a customized relationship with a dedicated account manager. You run a unique business—your affiliate relationship with Bench reflects that.

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Share Bench

Spread the word—you’ll get a commission for every client you refer to Bench. It’s good news for your clients, too: they’ll receive a discount on their bookkeeping.

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Keep a good thing going

We’re with you for the road ahead. As your business grows, we’re always right here to discuss future Bench partnership options designed to keep your momentum going.

Something for everyone

Not sure where your business fits? Get in touch! We’ll work with you to find a partnership or affiliate relationship tailored to your goals and business needs.

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