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Bench is everything you need to get your bookkeeping done—without actually having to do your bookkeeping.

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A team of Bench bookkeepers

We Give You a Dedicated Bookkeeping Team

When you sign up, you’re paired with a team of professional, in-house bookkeepers. Your Bench team is here to do your bookkeeping—so you don’t have to.

You can message or call your team with questions any time.

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Visual reports in the Bench app

We Do Your Bookkeeping, Fast

Your team will work with you to gather your financial data and turn it into tax-ready financial statements.

No matter how behind you are, they’ll get your books up to date, fast.

And if it looks like you’re going to miss the tax deadline, we’ll show you how to get an extension of time to file.

Get Your Bookkeeping Done

Year end financials with Bench

We Deliver Your Year End Financial Package

When your books are complete and ready for review, your team will reach out.

Once you’re happy with everything, we’ll organize your 2016 financials into a Year End Financial Package.

It contains all of the financial statements you and your CPA will need to file your taxes.

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Hi Sarah. Can you send me my client's Year End Financial Package? About to finish their tax return.
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We Can Also Work With Your CPA

If your CPA has questions or needs any adjustments to your books, your Bench team can work directly with your CPA to sort everything out—saving you from being the middleman.

Connect Your CPA

Life after tax season is easier, too.

With professional bookkeeping support, and simple, elegant software to monitor your finances, life is better with Bench year ‘round. Here’s why.

Financial Statements, Done For You

Your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement are prepared and delivered on time, every single month.

Simple Visual Reports

With your financials up to date, visual reports give you an instant overview of your business’s financial health.

Ongoing Support

Got a question? No problem. Your bookkeeping team is here to help via message or phone. We respond to all messages within one business day.

Top 10 Expenses

Your top expenses are neatly categorized and displayed inside your Bench account. You’ll know where your money is going, and identify ways to save.

Pricing is designed to suit your needs.

All plans include a dedicated bookkeeping team, add-ons, and simple, elegant software to monitor your financials.

Prices are displayed in $USD

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  • Micro

    Monthly expenses below $7.5k

    $115/m If Prepaid Annually

    Up to 5 accounts
    and add‑ons

  • Boutique

    Monthly expenses from $7.5k to $20k

    $165/m If Prepaid Annually

    Up to 7 accounts
    and add‑ons

  • Venture

    Monthly expenses from $20k to $60k

    $215/m If Prepaid Annually

    Up to 9 accounts
    and add‑ons

  • Corporate

    Monthly expenses up to $1M

    $295/m If Prepaid Annually

    Up to 20 accounts
    and add‑ons