Experts in your corner. Powerful software to back them up.

Meet your all-star team of small business experts. With online bookkeeping and real human support, it’s the expert financial solution your business deserves.

How Bench works

Step 1: Get set up and connect your accounts

Once you securely connect your financial accounts, we’ll introduce you to a dedicated bookkeeper. They’ll get to know your business, and show you how Bench works.

Step 2: Get financial insights in real-time

Get a snapshot view of all your money-in and money-out, whenever you need it, even before your books are closed.

Step 3: We do your bookkeeping

Each month, your bookkeeper organizes your business transactions and prepares financial statements. If they need anything from you, they’ll get in touch.

Step 4: We deliver tax-ready financials

Feel supported in your small business taxes. At tax time, we send a package with everything you need to file. Or, let us do it for you with our Premium plan.

Need historical bookkeeping?

We pair you with expert bookkeepers to get your books up-to-date. Need more than two years of historical bookkeeping? Our Bench Retro team can work with you to get caught up for dissolving your business, filing for bankruptcy, or creating an IRS payment plan.

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What you get with Bench

One-on-one expert support

You’ll receive unlimited support from real humans, allowing you to take the guesswork out of running your business.

Tax season, minus the stress

Tax-ready financials come standard with Bench. Need help filing? We do it for you with our Premium plan.

Powerful financial reporting

See how your business is doing in past months and in real-time, so you can master your spending and make smarter decisions with your money.

Monthly bookkeeping and unlimited expert support

Consistent check-ins
We’ll reach out regularly with bookkeeping updates. Have pressing questions that can’t wait? We’ll get back to you in one business day or less.

Easy to schedule review calls
Book a call with your bookkeeper directly through the Bench platform. Whether it’s a year end review call or a monthly check-in, we’re always happy to talk shop.

Year-round support
Have complex questions? Our in-house research team is on hand year-round for expert small business advice—at no extra cost.

‘‘They message me when they need things, and are quick to respond to my questions or concerns. They run a tight ship! Everything is so organized and user-friendly.
‘‘I feel better knowing that professionals are handling my books so I can spend more time growing my business instead of monitoring nickels.
Laura Simms

Accurate, tax-ready financials
Filing on your own? Working with a CPA? Either way, we’ve got your back. We send tidy tax time financials, so you can get filed fast. We’ll even work directly with your CPA.

Forget about tax time stress
Ready to pass tax filing off to someone else? Our Premium plan connects you to a licensed pro ready to get you filed before the deadline hits.

Year-round tax support
Tax time stress isn’t limited to tax season. That’s why we offer year-round tax advisory services through our Premium plan. We're on hand for all your tax planning needs, and we’ll make a custom tax plan that works for your business.

‘‘This is the first year where it’s tax season and I don’t feel anxious one bit.
‘‘Now that Bench has a tax solution service, they're a "one stop shop" for small businesses to manage their books and taxes while focusing on growth.

Discover essential business insights in seconds

See what your money is up to and get financial insights on your own timeline. Whether it’s an income statement, balance sheet, or real-time snapshot of your financials, Bench’s visual reports will provide the data you need to grow your business.

Forget about spending hours learning new software. The Bench platform makes it super simple to view your financials, update information, or check in with your team.

Get ongoing visibility with up-to-date 1099 transactions categorized with the date, details, and payee name—plus access to IRS forms for filing and educational content.

‘‘Bench provides simple and clear graphics and information about my finances, allowing me to make informed decisions moving forward.
‘‘Bench helps keep my business finances crystal clear. No more guessing, no more fumbling around in Excel sheets.

Increase your productivity with Bench

We use Plaid, a safe and automated way to connect your financial accounts to Bench. Once your accounts are connected, you’ll gain access to secure and powerful insights, while saving the time and effort of manually uploading your statements each month. Both Bench and Plaid are SOC-2 compliant with security practices that meet or exceed industry standards.

Bench works with the best in small business

Join thousands of small business owners who trust Bench with their books

See what running a business is like with Bench on your books. Try us for free—we’ll do one month of your bookkeeping and prepare a set of financial statements for you to keep.