Your burning business questions, answered.

Need some extra support in your corner? Meet the Client Research Team. Available to all Bench clients through the message feed, we’re here to help your business navigate through tough topics—completely free of charge.

Fast turnaround times

Our team is on hand five days a week to support you, with most questions answered within 24 hours.

An experienced team

The Client Research Team has helped hundreds of businesses answer thousands of questions.

All-around business support

We don’t shy away from any topic. Our team will find an answer or direct you to someone who can.

How it works

Our in-house research team can tackle tough topics like:

Payroll requirements
Curious about contractors versus W2 employees? Not sure how to pay yourself? Ask us!

Tax filing structure
Is your business currently operating in its optimal filing structure? Is becoming a corporation worth your time? We provide info on the benefits and costs of each business entity.

IRS compliance
Did you receive a notice from the IRS that seems impossible to understand? Upload it to the Bench platform and we’ll translate.

Financial relief
We’ll help you navigate the world of financial relief, including PPP loan forgiveness and EIDL loans.

Tax credits and deductions
We’ll guide you through the process of home office, business use of personal vehicles, and other common (yet complicated) deductions.


Bench is continuously creating resources that may be helpful to small business owners.
Our YouTube channel and Bench Blog have a variety of videos and articles on topics including small business operations, tax, and accounting tips.


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The expert support your business deserves

Our Client Research Team is here to help you run your business with confidence. Drop us a line, and we’ll provide you with expert guidance.