The Forum at the Bench office

Do your life’s work

We’re more than a bookkeeping company. We’re here to fundamentally change how business owners work, grow, and live their lives. The contributions from the people who work here is the only way we’ll get there. So, ready to get to it?

The Forum at the Bench office
A man and a woman collaborate at a white board

Take charge of your career

We never tell people what to do or what to think. Autonomy and radical responsibility are non-optional conditions for working at Bench. Uncover how your job can help us change lives, show us how it’s done, and take charge of your career.

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Do what’s never been done

We’re here to change the outcome of small businesses everywhere—for the better. That means you won’t just collect a pay cheque while working here. You’ll do something that’s never been done before (and improve lives in the process).

How we work

We rely on five principles to inform how we communicate, share information, and work towards our goal. Together, these principles create the most valuable technology we possess: culture.

Default open

At Bench, information belongs to everyone. So, we openly share it with everyone in the company.

Think long-term

Anything worth building takes time. We don’t get blown off-track by trends or set-backs. We’re here to improve people’s lives, and we’re in it for the long-term.

Experiment together

No one has done what we are doing. To find out how to get to our goal, we rely on continuous experimentation.

Take a stand

Bench is a place where people stand for what’s important to them. When you join us, you decide and commit to what keeps you inspired and working towards great things.

Make it workable

You have the freedom to create a life that works. Uncover what workable means to you and take action. Because Bench only works when it works for the people who work here.

Man with microphone speaking to large audience
Man with microphone speaking to large audience

You belong here

We care about a human’s ability to contribute. That ability has zero correlation to race, gender, education, or where you come from. If you think you’re unqualified to work here for any reason, stop right there—we want to talk with you.

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“I have the freedom and enablement to spot opportunities and take immediate action. At Bench, I learn something new every day, and am continually challenged to push myself to greater heights.”

—Ada, Senior Sales Manager

Let’s do big things

Whatever you do, wherever you’re at, we want to talk with you.

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Stay in touch

Don’t see a perfect fit? Tell us about yourself and what you’re interested in. We always want to hear from good people who want to make an impact.