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Part design agency, part online business, part workshop series—Good Fucking Design Advice (GFDA) artfully combines profanity and bold design to empower creatives and non-creatives alike.

GFDA products can be found in homes and workplaces around the world (Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive has a GFDA poster hanging in his office). And its co-founders, Jason Bacher and Brian Buirge, are respected voices in the design community.

As a bookkeeping service, we can’t take any of the credit for GFDA’s hard-earned success. But Jason and Brian were kind enough to share how using Bench helped them worry less about their finances, and focus more on growing their business.

Jason Bacher posing with his dog
Brian Buirge

Jason (left) and Brian (right) started GFDA while in graduate school.

We make better designers than bookkeepers.
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While GFDA was finding its feet, first as an online shop, then as a design studio, Jason and Brian did what most first-time entrepreneurs do: they handled everything themselves.

When they divvied up the back office tasks, Jason found himself in charge of GFDA’s bookkeeping. He wasn’t happy about it.

Annoyed at losing time to financial admin, and worried about making errors with off-the-shelf accounting software, Jason looked into a range of options to automate his bookkeeping tasks. Nothing worked.

Brian Buirge working at his desk
Jason Bacher using his laptop to have a video call with Brian Buirge
When you use accounting software, your books are done by a robot who doesn’t care if your books are messed up.
Jason Bacher using his laptop to have a video call with Brian Buirge
Brian Buirge working at his desk
With Bench, there’s a human being on the other side who’s deeply invested in the success of your business.
Revenue streams

When they switched to Bench, GFDA had the support of dedicated, professional bookkeepers who delivered accurate, up-to-date books every month—something that Jason, as a busy small business owner struggled to do.

With their books taken care of, Jason and Brian found they had more time to grow GFDA using the data from their financial statements and the reports inside their Bench account.

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Jason Bacher reviewing a GFDA poster
We needed to focus on building our product, and stop fooling around with things we weren’t totally certain about.
Jason Bacher reviewing a GFDA print
A print that reads 'Good Better Best'Brian Buirge hanging out in the studio
You can’t be a jack of all trades. You have to start letting things go.
GFDA swear jar
GFDA swear print
GFDA t-shirt

Seven years after launch, Jason and Brian have turned GFDA into a diverse business with multiple revenue streams.

GFDA’s website enjoys an audience in the millions. Jason and Brian travel the world, hosting corporate workshops for the likes of Nike and other major brands. And the company’s product range has expanded beyond posters and mugs, into apparel, stationery, and ironically, a swear jar.

With tenacity, design smarts, and the ability to laugh through the challenging legs of their entrepreneurial journey, Jason and Brian have carved a unique path to growth for GFDA.

While most businesses would likely avoid the use of profanity in their day-to-day, every entrepreneur shares the desire for more time to focus on what they do best.

Bench can help with that.

Photos by Taby Cheng and Bonnie Burke.

Want to focus on what you do best? Let Bench take care of your books.

We have a team ready to take bookkeeping off your hands, forever.