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Gusto makes mastering your company’s HR, payroll, and benefits simple. Automate the hard stuff, and take good care of your people—the easy way.

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Meet our partners at Gusto

The people platform
We've partnered with Gusto to provide our clients with an all-in-one payroll experience. Like Bench, they're committed to simplifying small business.

Payroll, reimagined
Gusto helps modern business owners by providing access to simple, automated payroll, benefits, onboarding, and HR tools.

The benefits of payroll, explained

Efficient and accurate payroll practices aren’t a “nice to have”—they’re a “must-have” for small businesses. Here’s why it pays big to have a solution like Gusto on your side.


Time saved

The average business spends 1–5 hours a month on payroll, and up to 40 hours on year-end tax prep. On average, payroll with Gusto takes five minutes a week. Seriously.


Fewer costly errors

Payroll mistakes are costly, time-consuming, and stressful to fix. By automatically staying up-to-date with state and federal requirements for payroll, Gusto makes costly mistakes a thing of the past.


Simplified business taxes

Without a payroll solution, organizing employment taxes can get stressful. That’s why Gusto automatically withholds tax, files quarterly reports, and prepares W-2s and 1099s for your business. That means super smooth, stress-free filing for you and your team.


Eliminates admin stress

Admin stress? Payroll and HR are often the primary culprits. From paying your people on time to crunching tricky payroll numbers, Gusto does all the heavy admin lifting—so you don’t have to.

What you get with Bench and Gusto

Everything your small business needs, nothing it doesn't. Choose the tools and services that are right for your small business, and put your payroll on AutoPilot.

Full-service payroll

Medical, dental, vision

Certified HR experts

Time tracking

Hiring and onboarding

Employee finance tools

Getting Started

When you get started with Bench, we can help you get set up with Gusto. Don’t forget, you also get 3 months for free when you open a new Gusto account.


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Is Gusto the right fit for your business?

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