Get your finances cleaned up with Bench

Bench can get your books caught up quickly, and they’ll create the income statement and balance sheet needed for your Clearbanc Advance.

As a Clearbanc client you'll recieve preferred pricing.

What you get with Bench

Organized financials

See what your money is up to. Your income statement, balance sheet, and visual reports provide the documentation you'll need to satisfy Clearbanc’s due diligence requirements.

Get caught up (without the stress)

If you’re feeling disorganized and way behind on your financials, don’t sweat it. We can complete months (or even years) of overdue bookkeeping—fast.

Bench App

Leave the heavy lifting to us

We can work with you on a tight deadline to unlock your next tranche of capital. Your bookkeeper will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

One-on-one support when you need it

If you have questions about your financials, your team is always a quick message or phone call away. Your bookkeeping team works in-house, and respond within one business day.

Bench one-on-one support

Tax season support

At tax time, we send a tidy financial package and everything you need to file. Or, let us handle the year end prep and filing for you with BenchTax.

Real-time cash flow updates

The Bench Pulse dashboard lets you track every transaction, account, and trend in real-time, in one place—no app-hopping required.

Fast turnaround times

We complete your books fast so you can meet requirements for your next advance.

Perfect books

At the end of each month, your bookkeeper delivers accurate, up-to-date financials.

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Built for ecommerce

Bench is made for ecommerce businesses. And unlike a typical accountant, we use technology integrations to simplify the accounting for you.

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More hours in the day

We take care of the tedious bookkeeping work, you get more time to focus on what you care about—helping your business succeed.

What people are saying

‘‘Bench integrates into everything I do automatically (Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Stripe, Square, banks, and payroll). Now I have logical, penny-perfect business accounting.
Jon Smejkal Owner, OCD Tronic
‘‘Clients using Bench won’t need to do anything. We can sign in to their Bench portal ourselves and pull everything we need. We love it when our clients have professional bookkeeping.
Josh Bauerle Owner, CPA on Fire

Pricing designed to suit your needs

All plans include a dedicated bookkeeping team and intuitive software to monitor your financials.

Tell us your average monthly expenses and we'll suggest the plan that's right for your business.

Illustration of a desk and a cat


If billed annually
$169/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
below $1k
Illustration of a small storefront


If billed annually
$189/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
from $1k to $7.5k
Illustration of a two story shop


If billed annually
$219/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
from $7.5k to $25k
Illustration of a multi-story store


If billed annually
$279/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
from $25k to $50k
Illustration of an office building


If billed annually
$349/m if billed monthly
Monthly expenses
up to $1M

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