Business Banking


Brex makes it easy to scale your business faster, giving you the time and freedom to dream big.

With Brex, you can sign up in minutes for a cash management account and corporate cards with no personal guarantee—all in one intuitive account. You’ll focus less on busywork and more on the big picture with built-in tools and integrations to track your spend, earning points on every card purchase, with live support in seconds.

Our favourite features

Higher limits
Brex offers 10-20x higher limits than traditional cards giving you the cash flow you need to grow quickly.

No personal guarantee
Your personal credit score is protected and you can operate like a company from day one.

A single dashboard
Manage your company’s money in a single place, initiate wire transfers in seconds, and track your cashflow in real time.

Who is this solution for

Brex has corporate cards built specifically for software, life science, professional services, and nonprofit companies and other small businesses. You'll love Brex for its flexible rewards and limits that are 20x the average—all without the typical personal guarantee of a business credit card.

Is Brex the right fit?