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Stay connected to your financials and your bookkeeping team while you're on the go with Bench on your iPhone.

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Got a question about your financials? Your bookkeeping team is always within arm's reach. Message your bookeeper in the time it takes to send a quick text.

Review your financial performance anytime, anywhere

Want to show your CPA—or a potential investor—how your business is performing? Simple visual reports display Top 10 Expenses and Profit & Loss for any year.

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We have a team ready to take bookkeeping off your hands, forever.

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Leave categorization notes on the go

When your Bench team needs your input to categorize a business transaction, shoot them a categorization note whenever you have a spare minute—between client meetings, on your morning commute, or while you’re waiting in line for coffee.

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Frequently Asked

Are the same features available in the Bench mobile app?

The Bench mobile app allows you to interact with your bookkeeping team on the go, and see your Top 10 expenses and Profit & Loss for any year. Some features, like updating your profile, connecting bank accounts, and uploading documents, are only available on your computer.

Which devices can I access Bench from?

You can use Bench on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.0 or higher. You can also access Bench through your desktop browser. The Bench mobile app is not currently available on Android.

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Give your desk a break

Download Bench for iPhone

Download Bench on the App Store