IRS on your case? We’ve got your back.

Bad news: your overdue taxes aren’t going to take care of themselves. Good news: we can get your bookkeeping back on track for you, so you can get filed without the stress.

What you get with Bench

  • An expert bookkeeper to get you back on track
    If you’re way behind on your tax filing, bookkeeping is the place to start. With Bench, you get a dedicated bookkeeper who knows your business. They’ll organize your historical finances, get your books up-to-date, and deliver everything you need to get filed—fast.
  • Unlimited one-on-one support
    Organizing your business finances can seem like an impossible ordeal. We’re here to get you through it. With Bench, you get unlimited support from an expert you can trust. They’re here to get you caught up, keep you in the loop, and answer any questions—any time.

  • Leave the tax prep and filing to us
    Need a hand prepping and filing your books? We can do that. With BenchTax, we connect you to a Taxfyle expert trained by us. They’ll handle the tax prep and filing for you, so you can stop worrying and get back to the work you care about.

  • Or, take the lead
    Working with a CPA or tax professional? That works, too. We’ll give them direct access to your account and financial info. That means less check-ins for you, and more time for your CPA to maximize your refund.

Keep your business in the clear with Bench

Get caught up

A year behind? Five years behind? Whether it’s two years or ten, we can get even the messiest overdue bookkeeping cleaned up, caught up, and ready for filing.

Know exactly what you owe

We’re pros at navigating business finances. The result? Perfectly recorded costs and finances, and peace of mind that you won’t overpay on your return.

Crystal clear pricing

Forget about retainers or nasty surprises. When you work with Bench, you’re charged one flat fee. That means free unlimited communication, and no weird fees or contracts.

Cross the finish line—fast

Feeling in a crunch? We get it. That’s why we can get years of bookkeeping organized, caught up, and ready to file in a matter of days—not months.

We're helping thousands of business owners

‘‘Bench gives me the peace of mind that my bookkeeping is done correctly so that I can focus on growing my business.
Portrait of Vanessa Ragains
Vanessa Ragains CEO, BE Mobile Wellness
‘‘Bench has lifted a giant weight off my shoulders and freed up my time so I can focus on earning money and working with clients, meetings and calls.
Heather Scholl
Heather Sholl Founder, The Villages Gym

Don’t let overdue taxes push you around

You didn’t start a business to stress about the state or IRS. Get your bookkeeping back on track, get filed, and get back to the work you’re best at. Ready?