Finally: Bench for Kids

Meet Charlie and Sophia

They’ve been selling lemonade all afternoon. They’ve been counting the quarters themselves. But Sophia can only count to ten. And Charlie tried to eat a quarter.

When business gives you lemons
A team of Bench bookkeepers

We Give You a Team of Big Kids to Help

All these grown ups can count up to a hundred all on their own. They plus and minus and can tell you how much money you have. Even the paper kind.

Meet Your Team

Visual reports in the Bench app. Also lemons.

We Use Computers Everyday

You can go on the computer and push every button. We love computers because they make good pictures. Click here! Click there! This is fun.

Get Your Bookkeeping Done

Year end financials with Bench

We Deliver Your Year End Financial Package

That handful of crayons. Some Lego. A cool rock. We will write down all the stuff you have.

Get your Bookkeeping Done

Hi Bench. I got lemonade on the couch. What do I do?
Hi Sophia. We've gone ahead and prepared a witness statement placing you at Billy's house this afternoon. Please let me know if there's anything else we can do to help.

We Can Also Work With Your CPA

If your CPA wants to know what you’ve been doing all afternoon, or what the heck is all over your hands and face, your Bench team can work with them directly to sort everything out—so you can go back to hunting for trolls.

Connect Your CPA

Everything is easy and fun.

With grown-up help, and lots of pictures on the computer, tracking your financial data is okay and not hard.


Where do clouds come from? Why does that man have a moustache? Can people eat grass? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Your bookkeeping team responds to all messages in two sleeps or less.

Allowance Audit

Age discrepancies for allowance credits: No fair! Every week, your team will make sure Mom gave you the exact same dollars and cents that your brother got.

Top 10 Expenses

Your allowance and the coins you collect are neatly added up on a big computer you are allowed to look at, but not touch.

Pictures of Money

We look at your financials and do drawings of them with markers, not crayons—which are for babies.


It costs this much:

All plans include grown-up help, unlimited question answering, colored pictures and a unicorn*.

*upon parental consent

  • For Businesses with Monthly Expenses Between

    Up to Accounts and Add‑Ons

For businesses with expenses above $23, please try Bench for adults. 1 (888) 760 1940